Delete help? Having trouble with a persistent app or a program? look no further, we have tutorials and guides for deleting almost every thinkable app, account or program the right way.

Let me help you delete that.

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What are Dark Patterns? and why is it always so difficult to delete things?

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Deleting apps and accounts can actually be quite difficult!

That’s why we have created this site. We want to help ordinary people get rid of unwanted software, accounts, and data.

Big and small tech companies don’t really like losing customers and users, some of them actually makes it unreasonable hard to get out of by hiding the methods strange places with very little to no help. 

We do a lot of work to stay up to date with the newest methods of removing and wiping data. 

Who are we?

We are two software/app developers that actually hate when things stop being user friendly, and we strive to do everything we create as simple for the end-user as possible.

We manage a ton of websites, have multiple apps, and create custom software, so looking into some of the problems people have, will help us to optimize our own applications and give people a better user experience.   

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