How to Delete Tumblr Account Fast and Simple (2020)

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How to Delete Tumblr account? Having trouble deleting Tumblr? look no further, we have made it simple with a few easy steps to get rid of it the right way.

This article was made on June 17, 2020, and is 100% up to date. If anything should change with the way Tumblr lets you delete your account we will update the article as fast as possible with the newest solution.

Tumblr can be an addictive place with funny, educational, and stupid content, it can also come back to haunt you in your adult life if you don’t think about what you are posting.

Young people tend to forget that old content can have a big influence on life as a grown-up and that’s why, we want to help you out here with this little guide.

How to Delete Tumblr Account the fast way

  1. Go to Tumblr’s Blog page section.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and click “Delete account”
  3. Re-enter your Username and password and confirm. Done!

    If you want to dig a little deeper and be sure of all the steps then read on.

Note: If you Delete your account you will also be deleting your profile, photos, videos, likes, comments, and any followers you have and they will be permanently deleted.

Delete Tumblr account step by step video

How to delete Tumblr account

You must log in to your Instagram account in a browser, you can’t do it from the App,
it’s just how they made the system.
You can go here if you have forgotten your password: Instagram lost password.

Now go to on your browser and sign in.

Log in to Instagram

Click your profile picture
and click ‘Edit Profile’.

Edit Instagram profile

Here you will also find the option to Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account.

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

Just choose a reason why you want to Temporarily Disable Your Account, put in your Password,
and click the “Temporarily Disable Account.” button. 

Temporarily Disable Instagram Account confirm

If you want to reactivate your account again you go to and log in.
Everything will be there just as you left it.

Next, you need to find the ‘Delete Your Account’ page on Instagram.
Just use my link because they have made it pretty much impossible to find by yourself. 

Now choose why you want to Delete Your Instagram Account, you have to choose something and put in your password for the “Permanently delete my account” button to work, you can just pick ‘Something else’ as I did. Then put in your Password and finally click: Permanently delete my account.

Note: When you Delete an Instagram account you will be deleting your profile, photos, videos, likes, comments, and any followers, they will be permanently deleted. You can’t sign up with your old username if you decide to create another Instagram account again. It’s impossible for Instagram to reactivate deleted accounts. 

Permanently Disable Instagram Account

That was pretty much everything you need, to delete your account and also how to deactivate it. We hope you found the article useful and don’t hesitate to come back for other guides about deleting apps, accounts, and software.   

We sure got rid of that problem!